How AI Facilitates Efficient Verification of Funding Applications

Client background We conducted the project for a national-level public administration body through our technology partner. This entity distributes funds through various programs and competitions.  The procedure for submitting funding applications includes several stages, from the announcement of the call, through the preparation and submission of the application, to its evaluation and the selection of […]

How our client improved safety and ergonomics in operating rooms with a comprehensive room management system

Client background Our client designs, manufactures, and installs innovative solutions for operating rooms, hybrid operating rooms, intensive care units, and neonatal intensive care units. The company equips specialized procedure rooms and hospital wards with equipment and modular hygienic installations. The system we worked on is a modern operating room management system designed to streamline work, […]

How cloud technology accelerated the functionality of a JPK VAT file verification application

Client background Our client is a provider of solutions that enhance tax risk management for businesses. The company ensures security and offers innovative tools and exceptional experiences for its clients. The client implemented a platform that automatically examines JPK VAT files, detecting substantive errors without interfering with the accounting system and protecting confidential data. By […]