How cloud technology accelerated the functionality of a JPK VAT file verification application

Case study overview

Client A producer of tax solutions for companies
  • Reduce the computation time of the application
  • Enable multiple users to work simultaneously on the same file
Scope of work
Duration 24 months+
Outcomes A cloud-based version of the JPK VAT file analysis application, operating more efficiently and supporting multitasking.
Technologies .NET Core Web API, React, MSSQL, SAAS Multi-Tenant Architecture

Client background

Our client is a provider of solutions that enhance tax risk management for businesses. The company ensures security and offers innovative tools and exceptional experiences for its clients.

The client implemented a platform that automatically examines JPK VAT files, detecting substantive errors without interfering with the accounting system and protecting confidential data.

By leveraging algorithms, the program verifies data in JPK files, detecting inaccuracies and enabling quick validation of their correctness. It also allows for error correction before sending files to the Ministry of Finance.

Each indication of a potential error is precisely described by the system, and the user receives a simple and clear error message.


The client approached us because their JPK VAT file verification platform lacked a cloud version, which would speed up computations performed by the application and introduce multitasking (i.e., allowing multiple users to work on the same file simultaneously).

After conducting a system analysis, we commenced development.


The cloud-based version of the platform we developed enabled optimization of document processing using the latest technologies and cloud solutions.

Previously, computations in the desktop application depended on the power of the computers and took many minutes. Thanks to the implemented solutions, computations now take milliseconds.

We also introduced the ability for multiple users to work on the same file simultaneously.

The created platform maintains an open architecture, allowing for further expansion with additional modules.

Key benefits


By leveraging cloud technology, we significantly enhanced the performance and functionality of the JPK VAT file verification application. The new platform not only speeds up processing times but also supports simultaneous multi-user access, making it a robust tool for businesses managing tax compliance. The solution’s scalability ensures it will continue to meet the evolving needs of the client and their customers.