Our experts talk about the impact of the pandemic on the e-health sector

The COVID-19 pandemic played a huge role in the digitization of Polish medical companies and health care services – agreed Jakub Budziszewski, CEO of EC2 and Katarzyna Jachimowska, CEO of TECH MED HOUSE in an interview for biotechnologia.pl. The material can be viewed on Youtube. 

A study that we conducted a few months ago together with TECH MED HOUSE showed that as many as 73% of companies in the medical sector, in connection with the coronavirus, used digital tools in a wider scope than before. The goal was clear – to meet the requirements of patients and customers and ensure continuity in the delivery of services or products.

In an interview for biotechnologia.pl, Jakub Budziszewski and Katarzyna Jachimowska share their insights on e-health in Poland based on the report “COVID-19 and digital challenges of medical companies” and their own experiences.

“Lots of companies showed initiative at the time of greatest danger and slowdown. Enterprises offered new solutions that could be passed on to patients to make it easier for them to use medical services” – emphasized the CEO of EC2.

In the interview, experts indicate what digital solutions have started to be used by medical companies, what impact they have had on patients and the med-tech start-up market (which is probably most dynamically able to respond to the new reality) and how the e-health industry will develop in the future.

To learn more listen to the whole interview.

The material is available here.