“It was a successful year for EC2. We are already planning further initiatives”- our CEO’s summary of 2020

2020 was marked by the coronavirus. The pandemic has caused huge losses worldwide, but has proved to be relatively kind to our company. The threat related to COVID-19 has provoked an avalanche of new business needs and contributed to the acceleration of the implementation of many technological innovations. 

The pandemic did not slow down the rapid pace of our company’s development. The strategy we implement was created in the conditions of the ongoing epidemic and took into account the difficult situation in business and the economy.

Employment increase by 60%

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, employment growth (including B2B contracts) at EC2 has increased by as much as 60%. We have provided another IT specialists for projects carried out for the needs of the Ministry of Health.

In the strategy, we committed to investing primarily in the areas of PR and marketing as well as generally understood, multi-directional development. Therefore, two people have joined our team this year: Director of Growth and PR & Marketing Manager.

In terms of development, we have developed a new structure of our company’s offers, addressing the needs of commercial clients from the IT sector and covering, among others such services as: IT auditing and consulting, body and team leasing, as well as comprehensive implementation of end-to-end IT projects, from the concept phase to maintenance.

We have developed a marketing plan covering both communication aimed at investors and clients. In addition, we have started the process of implementing the necessary tools for comprehensive management of the marketing process in the company. We also refreshed brand communication by publishing a new website and creating a communication plan that takes into account various communication streams.

New projects mean new opportunities

In July, we established an accelerator for startups in the med-tech industry, TECH MED HOUSE (www.techmedhouse.com). We are curently talking with start-ups interested in getting funds and support. We also implement a multi-directional marketing strategy aimed at promoting the initiative and acquiring start-ups for acceleration.

We have provided ScrumEASY, a tool for project management, that will allow us to prove that the Scrum methodology works not only for IT projects, but can be also helpful in areas such as: marketing, HR, banking and event organization. We are currently starting the product commercialization process based on a marketing and sales strategy.

We initiated the formation of a group of software houses. We believe in the strength of Polish programmers, recognized as one of the best in the world, and we trust that they are able to professionally support clients from all over the world. Our partners employ a total of over 200 IT specialists with varied competences and experience. Work on the website of the initiative is currently underway.

We also managed to attract clients from outside the e-health industry. We have started cooperation with JPK Insight Sp. z o. o., we provided a team for the implementation of a project in the area of tax services and specialists for projects carried out by our business partner who is also a company operating on the IT market.

Thank you!

The end of 2020 is a good occasion to thank the entire team for their commitment. It was a time of hard work and sacrifice, which resulted in the success of our projects. We are satisfied with the implementation of the current strategy and we count on further such rapid development of EC2 S.A.

Stay tuned to learn more abour our new projects!

Jakub Budziszewski, CEO EC2 S.A.