Cyrima is a tool addressing the growing problem related to securing projects and changes processed by medium and large organizations, especially those operating in regulated markets.

Adaptive Framework

The tool consists of a framework, application, and plugin, through which we integrate with the Jira system.

The framework is a package of processes, policies, standards, and job instructions that describe a part of the client’s operational model.

The application layer enables us to tailor our framework to the specific needs of individual organizations, taking into account industry, scale, geographic location, project categories, size, and risk appetite. Consequently, our clients benefit from outcomes comparable to those provided by specialized consulting firms, but at a significantly lower cost. They receive a ready-made solution within a few hours, simply by providing a detailed description of their organization in the system.

Holistic IT and security management in the organization

Our clients also receive support in integrating the Cyrima framework at the process level, including the possibility of designing the entire operational model of IT and security areas from scratch.

The Cyrima framework covers the following areas of the organization:

  • Project management
  • Change management in IT environments
  • Supply chain security – integrating with procurement processes, contract definition, and key supplier management
  • Supervision, risk management, and regulatory compliance (GRC) at the project level
  • Business continuity management at both project and operational levels
  • Selected security standards – enabling easy integration with DevSecOps and SSDLC models

Process standardization and precise client expectation management

Behind our product lies an ecosystem of security service providers who leverage our solution as a semi-automated mechanism for selling their services. By educating clients on the scope, complexity, and consequences of omitting individual tasks, Cyrima generates demand for inquiries that might not spontaneously arise in the market.

This framework standardizes the service provision process for our partners, addressing common industry issues related to poor client expectation management. Moreover, it allows for a precise definition of needs when formulating inquiries, enabling the activation of a broader group of suppliers compared to traditional recruitment models.