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Choosing an IT provider: a corporation or a small software development company?

One of the main advantages of IT outsourcing (that is constantly growing in Poland and around the world), is the reduction of project implementation costs. However, as we read in the ABSL report “Sector of modern business services in Poland 2020”, the price is no longer the main factor when choosing a service provider. Clients […]

Telemedicine: 3 technological solutions that your patients and clients expect

In recent years, telehealth has been said to be one of the strongest trends in healthcare in general. It is a response to the difficulties in diagnosing and treating patients in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, when access to traditional medical services has been severely limited. The survey conducted by [1] shows that […]

3 challenges the med-tech industry will face in the near future

The COVID-19 pandemic slowed down many industries, but in the case of med-tech it turned out to be the driving force of its development. This is mainly due to the involvement of the medical sector in the fight against coronavirus.  A real urgent market need has forced the emergence of new technological solutions for medicine (with telemedicine as one of the main trends).   As the pandemic progresses, […]