Work on the TECH MED HOUSE startup accelerator underway

At the end of August, we officially registered TECH MED HOUSE – an accelerator of start-ups from the technological and medical sector. Its president Maciej Jędrzejak (PhD), an expert in the financial industry with over twenty years of experience, is currently in talks with representatives of investment funds. The accelerator will start at full speed soon!

We support innovative ideas

The goal of TECH MED HOUSE is simple. We support Polish start-ups in the “early stage” development phase or already operating enterprises with projects from the technological and medical industry in the process of obtaining financing for the development or increasing the scale of business, as well as in the process of commercialization and search for new markets.

All projects that apply for the acceleration program will receive a preliminary assessment of the business idea. Companies that successfully pass the first stage of recruitment can obtain further support.

It is worth emphasizing that TECH MED HOUSE grows out of the experience of EC2 S.A. in delivering multi-million projects in the field of e-health, and is based on years of knowledge of our company’s experts.

TECH MED HOUSE about to start

Advanced talks are currently underway with representatives of investment funds interested in investing in promising startups. The website will soon be launched, through which start-ups interested in participating in the acceleration program will be able to submit their ideas. We will inform you about the next steps soon!

For more information, please contact Maciej Jędrzejak, CEO TECH MED HOUSE (