Time for change, time for Concept Masters!

The experience of TECH MED HOUSE has shown that the area of communication is particularly difficult for start-ups, as it generates a lot of costs that pay off only in the long run. That is why we are building the Concept Masters agency, which directs its offer in the field of financial and integrated communication, among others to start-ups – but not only! Concept Masters will be created as a result of transferring this business area to TECH MED HOUSE sp. Z o. O.

Concept Masters is an agency established to provide services for public and private companies, including those planning to find financing.

The agency works for both mature entities and start-ups and perfectly understands their needs in terms of gaining awareness and credibility in the eyes of investors and clients. By analyzing data, the team of specialists chooses the most effective communication channels for agency’s clients.

“What distinguishes us is the implementation of Scrum methodology into our work. Of course, it means more than just using certain tools for project management. Our team works in monthly sprints, we have a regular backlog, we meet on daily meetings. But most importantly, we maximize the business value delivered to our clients! This is what Scrum means to us “- says Arkadiusz Lorenc, Managing Director of Concept Masters.

In order to minimize business risk, Concept Masters also remains open to other areas, including financial communications and Investor Relations for both for mature companies listed on the stock exchange and planning to debut. It also carries out classic communication activities: Public and Media Relations as well as content and performance marketing.

“We are convinced that persistent work and ongoing monitoring of market trends will allow us to be successful both in the area of ​​financial communication aimed at start-ups, as well as in classic Investor and Public Relations activities and marketing & integrated communication – says Arkadiusz Lorenc.

To learn more, please visit: www.conceptmasters.pl.