EC2 will change its name to Sedivio

The adoption of the development strategy for 2022-2023 is an important moment for our company. It assumes not only further development of the existing projects, but also entering new markets. The most important of these is information security. In our opinion it is a good opportunity to change the name of our company. The change, which will be made by the decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting, will finally come into force after the entry into the National Court Register.

“Our company’s name so far coincided with the name of one of the main Amazon cloud products, Elastic Computing Cloud, EC2. Therefore, we had problems with providing us with sufficient visibility in the IT industry. That is why we have been considering the name change for a long time. However, there was not a good opportunity for that, ” says the CEO Sedivio, Jakub Budziszewski.

The new name and logotype have been designed to reflect our field of expertise. We are an IT company, hence the presence of characteristic, triangular brackets in the logo’s signature. The fact that they overlap underscores the importance of working closely with our business partners.

Sedivio is EC2 – but under a new name. To further emphasize this, we are not planning any deep changes to our website or the visual identification of the brand.