Codes in Java and earns PLN 15,000. Who is a Polish programmer?

A programmer’s job is future-oriented and offers not only great development opportunities, but also high earnings. According to the European Commission, there is a labor shortage of more than 600,000 programmers in the European Union. Only on the Polish market, employers are looking for over 50,000 IT specialists.

Digitization and the development of new technologies directly translate into increasing demand for experienced programmers. According to market forecasts, this demand is to decrease only after the year 2030. Until then, employees with IT skills will be highly sought-after.

Who can become a techie?

A programmer is a person who make apps or write software using appropriate technological tools. It is a popular belief that in order to become an IT expert, one must graduate from an IT department at a polytechnic or university of technology. While it is true that computer science can help you acquire logical thinking skills or learn how to solve programming problems, any person without a technical degree can become a techie.

An increasingly popular form of training and vocational training in the future profession of a programmer are bootcamps. Either in stationary or remote form, these events are intensive training sessions during which participants learn real-life programming under the supervision of experienced senior colleagues. The duration of a bootcamp depends above all on which programming language will be taught, but most last from 3 months up to a year. Usually, courses organized in this form offer not only certification, but also aid graduates in finding their first IT job.

Still, the two most important factors in the IT industry, which are key to future success, are learning on one’s own and experience. Quite often, the combination of these two have a metaphorical final say on whether aspiring programmers will find a job in the profession of their choice.

The specialization of modern programmers

One of the most popular programming portals in the world, Stack Overlow conducted in 2021 a survey among more than 83 thousand programmers from all around the world. Its aim was was to get a closer look and better understanding of both the fields people working in IT specialized in and the technologies they used day in day out at work.

According to the study that followed the survey, working as a full stack developer (designing apps or software from start to finish) was the most popular path of development among programmers worldwide, chosen by 49.47%. The path of back-end developer (making sure the apps and software work as they are supposed and expected to) came second – 43.73%. The third place on the podium, with 27.42%, went to the path of a front-end developer (creating the visuals and graphical user interface).

Programmers were also asked which programming languages they used in their daily work. Turns out JavaScript, HTML / CSS, Python and SQL are the most popular and frequently used languages, with 64.96%, 56.07%, 48.24% and 47.08% of votes, respectively.

Bulldog Job, a Polish portal for IT specialists, conducted its own research, asking the very same questions. According to their survey, the most popular specialization among Polish programmers is that of a back-end development, with 40% of respondents indicating this path. Becoming a full stack and front-end developer came second and third, with 32% and 17% of votes, respectively.

In terms of technology, Polish programmers most frequently answered they used JAVA (21%) and JavaScript (18%). They were also asked about the programming languages they intended to learn in the future. As many as 29% claimed they wanted to master Python, while 22% chose TypeScript.

What makes a Polish programmer special?

Polish programmers are valued not only in Europe, but around the world. HackerRank, a portal used by over 1.5 million computer specialists from around the world, decided to investigate the speed and accuracy of users who participated in programming tests devised by portal administrators.

Programmers from China and Russia achieved the best results in tests assessing their general knowledge of all programming technologies. Polish programmers came  in third place. They turned out to be experts in solving programming tests in algorithmics and Python and JAVA (2nd and 1st place, respectively).

This large-scale study proves that there are amazing career prospects ahead of Polish developers. But what is it really that motivates them to become better professionals and to continuous invest in their skills and knowledge?

Earnings of Polish programmers

According to a study by BioStat conducted in April 2021, the key factor influencing people to look for employment as programmers is the prospect of earning a lot of money. This was the answer given by as many as 58% of all respondents in that study.

HAYS Poland later carried out a more detailed analysis of salaries in the Polish IT industry. The company collected data from job interviews that took place at more than 3,500 organizations across Poland. According to their report, JAVA Developers are some of the best-paid specialists in Poland and earn PLN 15,000 before taxes. They are joined at the top of this ranking by.NET Developers and C ++ Developers, who earn PLN 13,000 and 10,000 gross, respectively.

High earnings in the IT sector attract new employees and encourage an increasing number of people to switch industries. Data from the HAYS Poland report show that, in spite of this trend, as many as 88% of companies on the Polish market find it challenging to find experienced IT specialists.

As we shall all see with our own eyes, in the years to come, the labor market will undoubtedly belong to bold programmers specializing in modern technologies.

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