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TECH MED HOUSE begins cooperation with Młoda Farmacja Łódź (Young Pharmacy Lodz)

Creativity should go hand in hand with commitment. That is why the TECH MED HOUSE start-up accelerator, established on the initiative of our company, begins cooperation with students associated in the ‘Młoda Farmacja’ student society. Młoda Farmacja Łódź is an organization that unites proactive pharmacy students eager to learn new things. The organization is involved […]

How long does it take to build a mobile app?

aplikacje mobilne EC2

Mobile technologies are evolving at an incredible pace. The number of users of mobile applications increases year by year. According to research conducted by IAB Poland, in 2018 it has already reached almost 90% and the upward trend is maintained1. Although a website is usually enough to make a lot of business ideas come true, mobile applications have greater potential than websites and contribute to the dynamic development of most companies.  Last year’s Spicy Mobile report shows that users spend as much as […]

“It was a successful year for EC2. We are already planning further initiatives”- our CEO’s summary of 2020

2020 was marked by the coronavirus. The pandemic has caused huge losses worldwide, but has proved to be relatively kind to our company. The threat related to COVID-19 has provoked an avalanche of new business needs and contributed to the acceleration of the implementation of many technological innovations.  The pandemic did not slow down the rapid pace of our company’s development. The strategy we implement was created in the conditions of the ongoing epidemic and […]